We are always interested in engaging with the world and our coaching clients in the best way. Today’s show covers how to apply a positive mindset to healthy leadership principles. Join us to learn actionable strategies from today’s expert guest!

Julie Davis-Colan is the co-founder of The L Group, Inc., a management consulting firm that has served leaders since 1999. Julie is a business advisor and peak performance coach who has authored six books, including Stick with It, Getting the BEST of Yourself and Others, and The Power of Positive Coaching. She was on the show over a year ago talking about her most recent book, and I’m thrilled to have her join us again. We will be diving into Julie’s healthy leadership model, specifically the piece around a positive mindset. She will help us understand how a shift from a negativity bias to a positive mindset can increase productivity, effectiveness, relationships, and more.

Show Highlights:

● Catching up with Julie’s professional life since COVID has hit

● How positive psychology became an umbrella that provides valuable tools in addressing mindset

● How positive mindset can change everything through brain science and breaking down thoughts, words, and actions

● The basics of brain science, “the most amazing network on earth”

● Positive and negative action ratios

● How to change your language around the words “yet, get to, and not”

● How we talk to ourselves vs. how we talk to close friends

● A sample exercise Julie uses to brainstorm emotional words, showing that most people choose negative words over positive ones

● The feedback Julie has received from clients about positive mindset

● How Julie uses affirming language with herself

● The components of healthy growth: compelling purpose and plan, aligned culture, engaged hearts and minds, positive coaching, and excellent execution

● Why healthy leadership is a multiplier in healthy growth

● Why “multitasking is to the brain as cigarette smoking is to the heart” in creating deterioration–along with a 40% decrease in productivity!


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