Today’s show topic will help bring this year to a culmination and springboard ourselves into 2022. We are discussing getting the negative narrative out of the way and shifting to build the life we want. Join us to learn more!

Pam Aks (Thomas) is the founder of What’s Within U, an international coaching practice that supports leaders, entrepreneurs, and coaches to change the “Can’t” mindset to “Oh yeah? Watch me!” Named one of the Top Business Coaches in Phoenix by Influence Digest, Pam has helped many go from feeling demotivated personally and professionally to feeling unstoppable. In addition to coaching, Pam loves to teach and is on faculty at the University of Texas at Dallas in their Executive and Professional Coaching Certificate Program. Pam loves to read and geek out on all things mindset-related, and she’s the author of Developing a Confident Mindset. She has great ideas to share with us today to help us adopt a more positive and forward-moving mindset. 

Show Highlights:

  • How Pam was drawn into mindset coaching
  • Why our feelings come from the thoughts we have
  • Why Pam wrote her book, Developing a Confident Mindset
  • Why our brains can’t discern between fact and fiction but rely on what we “feed” them
  • Pam’s advice for the “I can’t” storylines
  • How a coach’s life experience comes center stage so they can lead with empathy and understanding
  • Mindset–as defined by Pam
  • Why we have a negative bias to keep us safe and in our comfort zone
  • Why awareness is key to changing our negative narrative–but only if we tune in
  • How we use “what ifs”–and how we SHOULD use them to change the negative narrative
  • How our fear-based emotions show up in our bodies
  • How we can have awareness and then look for the data to decide what the truth is
  • Examples of exercises to do when you feel less than confident and are caught in the negative loop
  • Look for the opposite to see what is really true.
  • Be curious to see what you can learn. 
  • Recognize that you have options and choices. 
  • Why we are more susceptible to the negative chatter when our batteries are drained
  • Why we need to create a self-care “menu” of appetizers, entrees, desserts, and full meals


Connect with Pam:  What’s Within U   

Developing a Confident Mindset by Pam Aks

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