If 2022 finds you struggling as a business owner and looking for expert advice, this show is for you. If you want to know how to find and secure those ideal, committed clients who can make all the difference, you’ve picked the right episode. Join us as today’s guest shares tips and insights that can turn your drudgery into business bliss!

Caterina Rando is a Master Certified Coach, speaker, and author who is on a mission to teach, mentor, and support women to be themselves, do their thing, serve their people, and massively monetize their mastery. She shows women entrepreneurs how to be loud and proud about the value they bring in order to make their businesses thrive. Her clients grow, shine, expand, and open themselves up to new possibilities, taking their businesses further than ever before. Caterina is all about positivity, integrity, generosity, community, and providing massive value while uplifting others. Even though her work is primarily with women, her insights apply to both men and women as she teaches powerful concepts around the topic of influence and why your influence should equal your ASK. Along with being the author of several books, Caterina is the founder of The Thriving Women in Business Giving Community and the Thriving Women in Business Center, located in San Francisco. This episode is crammed full of business strategies and insights that you can put into action right now, including her five pillars for a successful business, her influence formula, and why making yourself known through speaking is the way to come home with clients.

Show Highlights:

● Caterina’s business journey to finding what lights her up

● How Caterina came to coaching from her business background

● How she realized the value of having an assistant to allow her to focus on revenue-producing activities

● The five pillars of your job as a business owner: speaking, selling, serving clients, strategy, and self-care

● Why the biggest mistake a business owner can make is trying to do all their marketing themselves

● Caterina’s influence equation: Visibility + Value + Consistency = Influence

● Why speaking is the best way to make yourself known and showcase your massive value

● How to get the help you need to move toward the goal of mastery–not perfection

● How to have sales conversations and build influence, which is the shortest route to a full client base

● Why it’s important to have only clients that are the best matches for you

● How to start on your mission to “speak”

● Why your ASK cannot exceed your amount of influence (Don’t try to persuade people to buy from you if you haven’t built influence!)

● Why we need to recognize that “Sales is Service”

● Caterina’s super speaking strategies to get in front of people:

○ Go to the platforms and groups where your clients are already gathered. (Utilize the virtual platform!)

○ Have a low time/money investment to invite clients to an easy YES.

○ Ask your champion clients to host you for an “intimate intro” to their specially invited friends.

● The super tip that has changed everything for Caterina: Schedule post-workshop calls when you invite people to your workshop

● What coaches have to do to solidify the sale:

○ Make a call to welcome them to the community.

○ Send a welcome gift to new clients.

○ Remember that engagement is the Queen of Everything!

● Why you have to build influence before you ask people to buy because they will be turned off if your ASK exceeds your influence

● Two guiding principles for Caterina’s business:

○ Take any disappointment and turn it into determination.

○ Remember that your business is supposed to be your bliss (What would it take to make it your bliss?)


Connect with Caterina and find free resources:  Caterina Rando

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Check out The Thriving Women in Business Giving Community and Thriving Women in Business Center.

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