I hope your personal and professional life is off to a tremendous start in 2022! The most effective coaches teach from their own experiences that they can bring forward to their audience, and that’s precisely what I’m doing in today’s solo episode. Join me for a look at “white-glove” extras that can help you deliver a five-star client experience.

Show Highlights:

● What makes a top-notch, memorable experience with a service provider?

● Why my recent surgical procedure was good–but not great

● How our coaching can bring a five-star experience for our clients:

○ The foundational piece: Show up as the coach in the best way possible to honor the coaching process.

○ Provide the right tools and forms to maximize client engagement.

○ Use visual assessments that can help with specific goals.

○ Build a library of recommended books, articles, and recordings (podcasts!) for clients to access.

○ Offer a searchable transcript of sessions for clients. (See Resources for more info.)

○ Use snail mail to send a card or note as a special touch.

● How these resources can bring value to both one-on-one and group coaching

● How spending nothing or very little can still deliver attentiveness that is impactful and inspiring to your clients


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