We all have areas in our lives where we want to make better choices. The problem is that our default patterns keep us trapped! Join us to learn how to disrupt those old patterns while giving yourself permission and freedom!

Irene Pace is a dietitian and nutrition professional who coaches, speaks, and writes as a champion of high achievers who are eager to get control of their eating. She helps smart, successful folks get peace with food and pants that fit. In today’s show, Irene discusses the patterns we fall into regarding food, but those patterns extend into so many other areas of life. She will share how to disrupt the default paths that we fall into that don’t always serve us best.

Show Highlights:

● How Irene arrived where she is today after a time of intense personal challenges and a powerful experience of impulsive eating of donuts and ice cream bars

● Why it’s important to recognize when you need help

● The importance of hiring a professional and taking a mindset shift to allow you to focus on your “stuff” and move through the work

● Why it is important to approach change from a place of safety and give yourself permission to be human

● Why every behavior is an attempt to solve a problem

● Why food actually “works” as an attempt to make us feel better–even though we might know better

● How Irene helps clients understand their relationship with food with her three-step process:

○ Greet the “pull.” (The pull is the craving or drive to eat food.)

○ Create a pause. (We have to disrupt the default pattern.)

○ Give yourself permission. (Looking out for yourself sometimes means choosing food, but it can mean choosing another option.)

● Why it is important to practice a new awareness, beginning with greeting the pull

● Why there is truth in the saying, “If it’s hysterical, it’s historical” when it comes to our reactions


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Eat Like You Teach: How to Reset Your Weight and Reclaim Your Life by Irene Pace, RD

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