Today’s show tackles an important topic related to our mindset. We all have “mind apps” going on in our heads; these are the stories that play and the automatic responses we have. The truth is that some of those mind apps need to be uninstalled because they simply hold us back. What mind apps do you need to uninstall? Join us to learn more!

Sallie Wagner is “Your Life Alchemist” from Intentional Coaching, LLC. She specializes in helping women reclaim power over their lives by using specific techniques. Sallie uses emotional freedom techniques (EFT), evolved neurolinguistic programming (eNLP), and trauma-aware modalities so clients can launch into action and gain access to rapid, concrete results as they ditch habits, fears, phobias, limiting beliefs, and decisions that hold them back in life. Sallie is a speaker, author, lawyer, real estate broker, and life coach who spent the majority of her law career in the corporate world, working in real estate for various industries. In today’s show, Sallie shares details of her “MSG Technique,” which stands for “Mindset, Skillset, and Get off your ass-et.” We dive into techniques that are helpful for coaches and their clients to uninstall those mind apps that are holding us back.

Show Highlights:

● Sallie’s path that brought her to her work and focus of today

● How Sallie’s coaching program teaches people to uninstall apps and reclaim their power of conscious choice

● The starting point: MSG, which is Mindset, Skillset, and Get off your ass-et

● How our mindset develops from the patterns we have created

● Why it is important to be more forward-focused in your mindset

● How new skills can help create a new mindset by stacking skills and asking the right questions

● More about skills stacking: Sallie gives examples of skills stacking from her own career

● “Get off your ass-et” refers to taking action and putting into practice what we know

● Why big goals need to be broken down into daily steps that will move you in the right direction

● Why worthiness and perfectionism are mind apps that many people allow to take over

● How Sallie works with clients around her MSG program using EFT and eNLP to help put off bad habits

● What we need to understand about going “from regret to resilience” (and how we encounter resistance along the way)

● Sallie’s advice: “Look at the four areas of resilience in your life, which are physical, emotional, mental, and social. Figure out the simple things you can do every day to begin to build resilience. You can have amazing results.”


Connect with Sallie: Sallie Wagner, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

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