At every workplace and organization, leadership is crucial. One of the problems is that managers are put into leadership positions without the proper training, and this can lead to disastrous results. Today’s show takes a closer look at leadership, management, and psychological safety. Join us to learn more!

Jim Wetrich is the founder and CEO of The Wetrich Group of Companies, which offers a variety of healthcare management advisory services. Those services include management consulting, executive coaching, talent assessment, leadership development, and outplacement. Jim lectures and blogs about leadership and teamwork consistently, and he coaches and mentors executives across many industries. Having led teams on three continents over more than 40 years, Jim has seen great leaders who have thrived and those who have failed. Jim’s first book, Stifled: Where Good Leaders Go Wrong, was released in 2021. Jim shares key leadership principles from his book, how mentor coaching shifted things for him, and how his life has been impacted by his journey into coaching.

Show Highlights:

● Jim’s journey into teaching and coaching from a place of mentoring

● Why Jim decided to write his book

● Why managers fail when they aren’t properly coached and mentored

● Why managers need to shift their priorities past the numbers to how people are treated and empowered

● The impact of the coaching lens on Jim’s work to focus on people, not products

● Why Jim–and many other top leaders–see the benefit of hiring a mentor coach

● Why the best leaders keep learning and growing to become better

● The need for psychological safety, where people in companies can speak up without fear and where leaders can admit that they don’t know it all

● Why transparency is an important lost art in many companies today

● Problems that occur within global companies when terms are defined differently around the world


Connect with Jim:  Jim Wetrich, Wetrich Group, LinkedIn

Stifled: Where Good Leaders Go Wrong by James G. “Big Red” Wetrich

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