Today’s episode carries an important message for our world, especially during this time of the year when many are celebrating in various ways around their religious beliefs. My guest makes the message of love both simple and universal and very relevant to our field. I hope you’ll agree that love is the key to many aspects of the coaching work that we do. Join us to learn more about the truth of love.

Juan Lee is a transformational speaker, thought leader, and author of Love Made Simple: A Guide to Inner Peace, Contentment, and Success. Juan used his life lessons to zero in on his work at Clear Journey, a nonprofit that teaches teens and young adults life skills, financial literacy, and attitudes for success in life. He teaches lessons around finance and the message of love as it is used to build connection and humanity to minimize division and opposition. Through his work, Juan found that the things that make us similar as humans are far greater than the things that divide us. His message is one that the world needs to hear!

Show Highlights:

● Juan’s journey as he came from feeling unprepared for life after high school and how he found his passion for the work that he does today

● How repeatedly failing a test in Air Force basic training helped Juan learn who he was, identify his authenticity, and develop his perseverance

● How we learn what we gain from each other when we love and give

● How to become clear about “the system” we are in through a mindset shift and a change in attitude

● How Juan learned to ask the right questions, answer them honestly, and make the adjustments

● Why love is a chameleon, conduit, and choice

● How we can maximize every moment to influence humanity for eternity with our investment

● How Juan uses his knowledge and experience at Clear Journey to help others navigate life successfully with the right attitude

● How selflessness allows us to act on the behalf of another to see the bigger picture


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