If you know me, you know that I am all about helping coaches thrive on their journey. Today’s show aligns with that purpose in helping you build a profitable business and create the life you want. Join our conversation to learn more about bringing your best forward with the most significant value for your clients.

Amy Yamada trains coaches and service-based entrepreneurs to master the power of deep connections through their words and messaging, high-ticket packages, and sales conversations. Amy has over 20 years experience in marketing, sales, promotions, and broadcast media, and she created her signature Create, Connect, Offer system, which she explains to us today. Her system empowers entrepreneurs to break through all the noise of marketing to deeply understand themselves and connect with their audiences to make a difference. As a result, Amy’s clients have gained clarity in their message, confidence in how they communicate, and increased cash flow in their businesses as they see their big dreams come to life.

Show Highlights:

  • What lights Amy up about the work she is doing today to empower coaches
  • Common barriers (and limiting beliefs!) that keep us from offering high-ticket packages
  • How Amy learned to overcome her blocks and limiting beliefs by focusing on the difference she could make for her clients
  • Why Amy decided to create one signature, high-ticket package for a six-month private coaching program at $5K
  • How Amy secured her first high-ticket client–who went on to become a two-year client
  • How Amy tapped into her 93-year-old self through a journaling exercise to tap into herself and focus on gratitude
  • How Amy’s high-ticket packages have progressed over the years to $18-20K
  • Why your high-ticket package doesn’t have to be built perfectly and completely in its beginning
  • How Amy views the work she does with clients in her signature coaching program
  • Details about Amy’s various offerings, including the structure, planning, and purpose of her private, customized VIP Days
  • Why your high-ticket packages have to begin with the premise that you, as a coach, have a deeper calling to serve and have value to offer


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