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If you desire a soul-led business, today’s episode will be valuable to you as a coach, along with what you’ll learn about engaging with your clients. Here at the STaR Coach Show, we are all about getting on the right path and moving in the right direction to create the clarity we want in our lives and businesses. Join us to learn more!

Taryn Watts is a Professional Certified Coach and founder of the Mind Rebel Academy, where she helps train and support world-class coaches around the globe to step into their life’s work. She created the revolutionary Mind Rebel Method, a simple yet powerful self-discovery framework that is transforming the way people coach, lead and connect internationally. With Taryn, coaching isn’t about giving advice, but it’s about helping others find their deepest truth within themselves. Taryn’s work is heart- and soul-centered, and you’ll be inspired by her calm, beautiful spirit and her wisdom.

Show Highlights:

● A look at Taryn’s journey, where motherhood and coaching became perfectly intertwined

● How Taryn learned to access her wiser self and inner wisdom

● The Four Steps of Taryn’s Mind Rebel Coaching Plan:

○ Vision–Get REALLY clear about what you want for your business.

■ “Dream big. Your vision should feel like a stretch.”

■ “The potency of your vision is found in the WHY of the things.”

■ Write out your vision statement as if it is happening TODAY.

■ Read your vision EVERY DAY to defeat your “Rebel Mind.”

○ Milestones–Create the path from where you are today to where you want to be.

■ Plot out 1-3 “pins” on the map of your path; these can change as you progress.

■ “Be flexible to adjust your pins as you move closer to your goal.”

○ Choices–Who are you being, and how are you showing up in the world inside your vision?

■ Identify 1-3 affirming statements about how you are showing up in the world.

■ Your choices discern between the voice of your inner wisdom and all the other voices in your head.

■ “You WILL get off the path at times, but getting back on your path is only one choice away.”

○ Next Steps–Based on the first three steps, prioritize 1-3 next steps that are right in front of you.

■ As you progress, you’ll have more information and “pieces of the puzzle” to make your next three steps.

■ Be open and responsive to new opportunities that come your way.

● Why your still, small voice inside already knows the way–so orient yourself inward


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