Is Divine Intelligence playing a role in your life? Do you know how to tap into Divine Intelligence? Many people find themselves spiritually seeking something, but may be unsure where to find what they are looking for or how to manifest it. Today we are talking about how you can live an authentic life by tapping into Divine Intelligence.

Dr. Jayne Gardner is an emerging New Thought Leader, Author, Certified Master Coach and a Licensed Professional Counselor. She specializes in the psychology and science involved in spiritual transformation. Dr. Gardner founded The Divine Intelligence Institute®. She has just released a new book called Divine Intelligence: Spiritual and Scientific Process for Awakening the “God” Within.

Listen to this episode as Jayne and Meg discuss:

  • Jayne’s transition from therapist to coach.
  • The work Jayne does with clients to help them find their authentic selves.
  • There is a process Jayne developed to tap into Divine Intelligence.
  • Accessing your spirituality allows you to live an unlimited life.
  • The mental force within that we can access.
  • The force inside you is also the “God” within you.
  • You lose the power to create when you put the force outside ourselves.
  • As a coach, you want to get in touch with your client’s life intention.
  • The Divine force can be scary or mystical to some, but there is a process for tapping into the force