One of the most important parts of the coaching business can also be daunting and frustrating. We are talking about those discovery calls, or consultations, that we have with prospective clients. How do we create an environment that invites the prospect in, while realizing that every prospect is not going to be an ideal fit for us? We are covering it all in today’s show, from the preparation of the call to the follow-up. Join me to learn more!

Show Highlights:

  • The purpose of the discovery call: What are you seeking to accomplish?
  • The basics of the discovery call:
  • Make the offer and let people know that a call is available.
  • Use a digital calendar with reminders so they can sign up right away.
  • Keep your exploratory questionnaire short and concise. (Don’t overwhelm the prospect by asking for a lot of personal information.)
  • Be very clear about how the call will unfold.
  • Change your mindset! Remember that the ultimate goal is NOT to sign up every prospect, but to enroll those that are the best fit for your coaching.
  • Use the discovery call to excite the prospect about the results you can bring to them.

Inside the call:

  • Be warm and welcoming to put them at ease.
  • You, the coach, should set the agenda for the call and let them know what to expect.
  • Stay in a place of curiosity and ask meaningful questions. (Listen to hear my examples.)
  • Set clear and realistic expectations for the changes they want to make.
  • Focus on what the client wants and the results you can bring. Help them see the possibilities!
  • Be clear about your methodology so the prospect is not confused.
  • Lay out your packages and pricing unapologetically—and stop talking.
  • Be honest if they aren’t a good fit for you, and refer them to someone else.

The follow-up to the call:

  • Use a questionnaire to assess their clarity.
  • Send an email within 24 hours and offer a resource, like your Facebook group, article, podcast episode, downloadable lead magnet, etc.


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