Today, we will be diving into some things that the global organization, The International Coaching Federation, is doing to grow the industry and change with the times as it meets the needs of a diverse world. 

I am delighted to have Anik Clemens on the show today to discuss what the ICF has done and is doing to grow the industry globally. Anik joined ICF Global in October 2018 as a Regional Development Manager, then Volunteer Engagement Director, and now Strategic Development Director for North America, Latin America, and the Caribbean. In this role, her focus is on developing local and regional markets, deepening member and volunteer engagement, developing long-term partnerships, and sustaining healthy chapter communities.

Anik has been a coach and ICF member since 2015 and served as a chapter leader for 2 years. Prior to coaching, Anik worked for the federal government as a biologist where she led a fisheries policy team to help conserve our natural resources. 

Show Highlights:

  • Anik discusses how she began working with ICF.
  • Anik and Meg tell how important it is to join a local chapter of ICF.
  • ICF has chapters in over 80 countries.
  • Looking through different lenses because of the diversity in ICF
  • ICF is looking forward to see what needs to shift or be updated to be more current, relevant, and inclusive.
  • ICF is looking at how to engage coaches from a younger generation.
  • There are many coaching platforms, and many require coaches to be ICF credentialed.
  • Anik doesn’t think the coaching industry is saturated, so there is still room for you to carve out your space.
  • Meg and Anik talk about the power of coaching and its ripple effect on helping others.
  • Being a part of ICF is belonging to a true community.


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