As we focus on doing more, creating more, and earning more, we lose sight of THE most important thing: self-care. Physically and mentally, our health and well-being are critically important to our satisfaction and success–so why do we often ignore self-care? Self-care practices can run the gamut from luxurious indulgences to very simple breathwork and hydration; ultimately, we want to be our best so we can bring our best to our clients. Join us to learn more from today’s guest!

Dr. Stan Ward knows that the world needs leaders committed to relationships and results. He also knows that creating harmony and productivity is easier said than done. As founder and principal at Influence Coaching, LLC, Dr. Ward partners with leaders to reduce unnecessary conflict, beat burnout, and create sustainable positive change so that they can succeed personally and professionally. Dr. Ward’s clients experience transformation within three months of starting their work with him, and they report lasting results long after they complete his six-month coaching program. Besides his work as a coach and his experience as a professor and administrator in higher education, he is also the author of How to Beat Burnout for Yourself, Your Family, and Your Team, and the co-editor of Ethical Leadership: A Primer. In today’s episode, Stan explains how to face forward into life’s stressors and demands and why we cannot ignore self-care. He shares transparently about his personal experiences when burning the candle at both ends and how he helps clients transform and see long-lasting results through his work to combat burnout. Stan is truly one of my most favorite people, and I’m thrilled to introduce him to our audience today!

Show Highlights:

  • How Stan came to the work he does today
  • Why Stan wrote his book on burnout to clarify the concept and educate people about the need for self-care
  • Why self-care is much more than a “having a spa day,” but is really what you do to keep your engine running to show up for the people around you
  • How Stan experienced severe intestinal blockages that sent him to the Mayo Clinic–and his eyes were opened to his failures in stress management in life
  • How Stan gained a new appreciation and awareness of the mind-body connection—and applies it to his coaching practice today
  • How coaching revolves around putting ourselves in the best place through self-care so that we can partner with clients
  • Why self-care at its essence is a bent toward intentional time for rest, refueling, and hitting the reset button to get out of “fight or flight” stress
  • How reflection practices help you learn to rest, digest, heal, and reset
  • Why there is great benefit in even small moments of exercise and “positive intelligence repetitions” (See Resources for Dr. Stan’s ideas for 5-minute, 2-minute, and 1-minute practices.)
  • Stan’s formula for recognizing burnout through your energy boosters and energy drainers
  • How to “fail forward” and reframe something that didn’t work well


Connect with Dr. Stan through his Website, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Find Dr. Stan’s book on Amazon:  How to Beat Burnout for Yourself, Your Family, and Your Team

What To Do When Your Smartwatch Reminds You to Move or Breathe” provides some 5-minute, 2-minute, and 1-minute movement options.

This video from the Center for Creative Leadership will provide the basic concepts about the difference between stress and pressure, as discussed in this episode.

Learn more about the All Texas Conference and Retreat, since this is where Stan and I met in person for the first time. We would love to see you at this awesome event. Dates have been set for 2023: March 23-26.

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