Today’s show is all about business success. We are weaving thoughts about success concerning freedom in your life, which can make all the difference in creating the life you want. The foundation for the freedom you crave is a financial plan that works, and my guest today has the answers for you. Join us to learn more!

Brian Bogaert is the owner of Next Level Success Coaching. Brian is absolutely passionate about the value of freedom because working for years in corporate America brought him a lack of freedom that “crushed his soul.” He loves helping people reach their financial goals, and he’s totally dedicated to education and empowerment to help people reach the next level of success. In today’s conversation, we’ll look at ways to empower ourselves in creating a financial plan for freedom that allows us to step into our work in the fullest way and not be cut off at the knees when things like global pandemics occur. We want to engage in work that lights us up, but we need a plan in place that opens us up for financial freedom. Brian shares his expertise, mindset, and practical tips to create your financial freedom plan! 

Show Highlights:

  • What led Brian to the work he does today
  • What it means to “build a financial plan for freedom”
  • How your goals and commitments play into your financial plan
  • Why Brian’s work with any client begins with their financial mindset
  • Why the entrepreneurial world can still be a prison for some people
  • How to identify things in your business that give you leverage
  • Why managing cash flow is the biggest challenge for entrepreneurs AND large companies
  • Why gross revenue is NOT the best indicator of financial success
  • Why venturing into entrepreneurship doesn’t have to burn the bridges behind you 
  • Why a savings cushion is essential in launching a new business because you don’t have to operate with a scarcity mindset
  • Why investing is a crucial element for your financial freedom plan; the time to start is TODAY!


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Books Mentioned:

Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

Cash Flow Quadrant by Robert Kiyosaki