Leadership is everything! We are taking a closer look at the importance of leadership and how coaching and leadership partner together in transformation. Our focus is on the roles that inquiry and feedback play in transformational leadership. 

Dr. William Torbert is a Leadership Professor Emeritus at Boston College. He has spent his career leading, consulting, teaching, and researching. In addition to consulting to dozens of companies, not-for-profits, and governmental agencies, Bill has served on numerous boards. Since his retirement from academia in 2008, he continues his leadership work in various capacities. His most recent book is Numbskill In the Theater of Inquiry: Transforming Self, Friends, Organizations, and Social Science. We have a great conversation about his research around leadership and its accompanying thought patterns and behaviors, along with how those influence the way we receive feedback. 

Show Highlights:

  • What lights up Bill about the work he does today and his path to get there
  • How Bill was inspired to write Numbskull, a memoir that shares a personal look at his life
  • What we need to understand about developmental transformation for leaders
  • How our action logics come with choices about power
  • How feedback is tied into the transformation of leaders
  • How action logics represent the fundamental ways people think about themselves and the world
  • Why people are sometimes resistant to their early action logic
  • How coaching and feedback play into transformational leadership
  • How we move from level to level as The Expert, The Achiever, The Diplomat, and The Over-Achiever
  • The three loops of feedback and their differences: single-loop, double-loop, and triple-loop
  • Why human nature determines that not everyone will invest in transformational leadership at the same level


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