In this episode, Dr. Bill Behrendt talks about coaching elite professionals who are very strong technically yet may benefit from partnering with a coach to strengthen their leadership skills. One such group of elite professionals is physician leaders. Bill shares his perspective on physicians who are accustomed to excelling professionally yet may struggle with leadership competencies. Explore tips and things to consider when coaching this population.

In his role as VP of HR, Bill built a coaching culture at UT SouthWestern, one of the world’s top academic medical centers. After 14 years, he retired and built his own consulting business, which also included coaching. He quickly realized that training alone isn’t a solution for businesses, and he paired coaching with training to be better results and lasting change.

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • How Bill began coaching in an organization
  • The kinds of assessments used at UT Southwestern
  • Some element of coaching is built into every training program
  • Part of good coaching is building sustainability
  • How you can coach people who are very good at what they do
  • Discover how to tap into the physician’s motivation for change and how willing they are to be adaptable
  • What you can say to people who just want to be themselves, even when that’s not working
  • Assessments can be very helpful in opening communication and building awareness
  • How do you come across like you’re not trying to tell people what to do
  • What it was like for Bill to go from high powered organizational job to retirement and owning his own business
  • What Bill enjoys about coaching
  • The satisfaction Bill gets from coaching