Welcome to our 300th episode!! I’m so excited to celebrate this milestone, and I’m appreciative of every single step that brought me to this point. To mark this special moment in time, we are doing something very different: my coach, Rick Tamlyn, is turning the tables to interview me. Join us to see how this conversation unfolds!

Show Highlights:

  • What it feels like to reach 300 episodes of the STaR Coach Show
  • What it means to “receive” one’s impact
  • A glimpse into the origin story for the STaR Coach Show
  • How to find consistency and the motivation to keep going
  • Meg’s perspective about the shadow and light moments of putting out the podcast weekly
  • How Meg will celebrate this milestone with an upcoming rebranding in October
  • What’s next for Meg and the STaR Coach Show
  • A brief overview of the upcoming STaR Coach Show membership site
  • Where Meg’s inspiration and positivity come from
  • What Meg envisions if there were to be a 1000th episode
  • Parting words from Meg about the beauty of coaching

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