Today’s show covers key elements to help you thrive and soar to new heights as a business owner. If you are stuck in the struggle and wondering what you can do to turn things around and excel in achieving your goals, THIS is the show for you. Join us to hear more from today’s expert guest!

Hilmon Sorey is the co-founder of the CoachCRM sales coaching software platform and co-founder of ClozeLoop, a sales strategy training and enablement firm with offices around the world. He is also a partner in a seed-stage venture capital firm and the author of eight top-selling books on sales, sales management, and coaching. Throughout his career, he has helped build teams in companies ranging from early-stage startups to established companies like Salesforce, Box, and Survey Monkey. He is an award-winning trainer of over 15,000 salespeople and over 5,000 executives. Hilmon is a sought-after speaker around the globe, and I’m honored that he took the time to be on the show during his recent vacation in Milan. 

Show Highlights:

  • What lights Hilmon up about the work he does today
  • The four S’s for business success:
  • Strategies–This is what you are doing in the marketplace, including awareness of direct and indirect competition.
  • Systems–This includes the repeatable processes that allow you to deliver your offerings, but some type of feedback is crucial.
  • Staff–To have the right people requires clarity and a competency model, whether those are employees, contractors, virtual assistants, etc. 
  • Skills–We have to be honest in our evaluation of our skills and look for opportunities for growth. 
  • Why you have to look at each category in light of the gap between where we are today and where we would like to be
  • Why the implementation of the four S’s has to be an ongoing endeavor–and actually become part of your business–in order to have business success


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