Today’s topic is one that comes up often. How do we approach coaching with the client who didn’t ask to be coached? We are taking a close look at the coaching relationship with someone who has volunteered or feels like they’ve been “sentenced” to coaching. There are some unique considerations in setting up this kind of partnership. Let’s talk about it.

Show Highlights:

  • What might lead someone into coaching who didn’t ask for it themselves
  • Why this could be a low-trust or uncertain situation for the client
  • How the coach can find out what the organization’s expectations are for this kind of coaching relationship
  • Why guidelines have to be established about confidentiality and communication
  • How I like to start in the beginning to set the client up for success
  • How to be clear about what the coaching process requires from the client
  • How to revisit the coaching agreement if they don’t show up or want to pull out of the program
  • How I have noticed an overall lack of trust as a major issue with these clients
  • An example of how I set up structured coaching around a resource with success
  • How to handle those who simply don’t want to be coached
  • Why it is always important to find out what the motivation is for a client to be coached


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