How do coaches become clear about exactly who they want to coach? While that clarity might come easily for some in our profession, I know that many coaches struggle greatly to figure this out. My guest today found her coaching sweet spot, and she’s sharing helpful information that you can use in your quest to niche down. Join us to learn more!

Sarah Kenny is a certified coach, mentor, and positive role model for adolescent girls. She believes that self-empowered girls will change the world, and her mission is to create a more just, equitable society by helping them develop critical life and leadership skills, especially the ones they don’t learn in school. Sarah helps girls navigate the challenges of adolescence while developing higher self-esteem, confidence, and courage so they can thrive as young women and transform into impactful leaders. Based in Austin, Texas, Sarah has her master’s degree in Gender Studies and is an Accredited Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation. She is an avid yogi, the mama of two fur babies, and a diehard Parks & Rec fan. 

Show Highlights:

  • Sarah’s long and winding journey to the work she does today and the Aha moment that led her to the perfect niche
  • The most common areas in which Sarah coaches her young clients
  • How Sarah works with her clients around emotions, relationships, and the anxiety that comes from people-pleasing
  • The challenges inherent in the niche of coaching adolescent girls
  • Why Sarah begins with an inquiry call with the girls’ parents first
  • How it pays off to become known for your niche (the differentiators are what draws people to us)
  • Sarah’s advice to those who want to find their niche
  • Why Sarah views her coaching work as a vehicle that is a small part of a bigger, global mission to empower young girls and bring positive change


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