Connecting with other coaches can be just the right thing to propel your coaching to the next level of growth and impact. Coaching impact and leadership go hand-in-hand, and we are diving into these topics with today’s guest. Join us to learn more!

Marlene Thomas is the president and CEO of Thomas Management Consulting, a woman-owned small business providing strategic consulting and executive coaching services to federal, state, and private sector businesses. With over 25 years of experience in leadership and executive coaching, organizational development, and project management, Marlene is dedicated to supporting individual employers and leaders in building productive partnerships, teams, and workplaces. She is the current president and former membership director of the Metro DC Chapter of the International Coaching Federation, the largest city chapter in the world with over 1700 members. In today’s show, we discuss what we have gained through volunteering for ICF leadership roles, how coaching impacts the world, and how ICF members are empowered through their connections with each other.

Show Highlights:

  • What lights up Marlene about coaching and the journey she has taken to where she is today
  • Why Marlene took on a leadership role in the ICF Metro DC Chapter
  • Why every coach benefits from engagement in their professional organization and coaching community
  • How Marlene and her fellow coaches in the Metro DC Chapter partner to give back in various ways
  • The best steps you can take to start your coaching business 
  • Why coaches are lifelong learners who continue to build their muscles and hone their skills by investing in themselves
  • A closer look at the virtual “Coffees” held by the Metro DC Chapter, which are great ways to connect with other members
  • How Marlene decides which training investments to make for herself
  • The one aspect of coaching that Marlene is most passionate about in her current role
  • Marlene’s challenge to other coaches to look for pro bono work to make a difference in the world


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