Writing proposals is a necessary task that can become an obstacle that stops us in our tracks. The process can be a deep, dark rabbit hole that we fall down, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Today’s guest has insights and wisdom that will help you simplify the proposal process. Join us to learn more!

Russell Pearson is a business strategist, designer, keynote speaker, and artist. He has been working with passionate yet frustrated business owners to transform the way they grow their organizations for over 25 years. He is the founder of Crimson Fox Creative Studios and hosts The Marketing Report podcast. He is also the Past National President of Professional Speakers Australia. I’m excited to introduce you to Russell in today’s show!

Show Highlights:

  • What Russell loves about the work he does today
  • What Russell identifies as the gaps in small business strategies today
  • Where to start in doing better at proposals to address what the customer wants
  • Why the starting point is the “priority conversation” to identify the problem
  • The difference in collaborating on designing a proposal and creating a blind proposal
  • The three categories of proposal opportunities in working with large organizations
  • How Russell simplified the proposal process to these steps in the collaborative sales conversation:
    • Make friends.
    • Discover the problems that need to be solved.
    • Meet them where they are now and collaborate on the design to reach the outcome.
    • Help say YES.
  • How Russell approaches the collaborative design process
  • How to effectively use a price anchor in a proposal
  • Why you should never send a “lonely” proposal
  • Why both parties need the “know, like, and trust” factor


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