STaR Coach Show 309: Revisiting Episode 1: Creating Your Coaching Business with Cynthia Loy Darst

I’m changing things up today as we revisit a very important episode for the STaR Coach Show. We are going back to Episode 1 and my very first guest. The content is still relevant and timely today, so I hope you get value from this flashback. Join us!

Cynthia Loy Darst is a Master Certified Coach who is known as a passionate pioneer in the coaching industry. An experienced coach since 1992, Cynthia joined me way back when for our very first episode, and she walked us through some things coaches should think about in building their business. Cynthia also helped deepen our understanding of the nuances of the client partnership and why you need to reassess the coaching agreement down the road. Based in Los Angeles, Cynthia and her husband, David (also a coach), are partners in their companies, The Inspiration Point and Team Darst. They do work with individuals, teams, couples, partnerships, and organizational systems. Cynthia’s book, Meet Your Inside Team: How to Turn Internal into Clarity and Move Forward with Your Life, was published in 2018. 

Show Highlights:

  • The first steps in building a coaching practice: 
    • Focus on your strengths, and keep it simple.
    • Don’t forget to have fun!
    • Take the business part seriously so you aren’t panicked and desperate. 
    • Make sure you are well-supported emotionally.
  • The traps that beginning coaches fall into
  • How to get better at connecting with others
  • Why signing someone up for coaching with you is NOT about you at all
  • Why you should never keep a client who “costs” you or causes resentment
  • How to create a safe and courageous space for you (the coach) AND your client
  • Why it’s important to take the time to rework the contract with a client after a time
  • How to know if you are coaching with intuition 
  • The best question to consider about coaching and staying true to yourself
  • Cynthia’s final words of wisdom to coaches



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Meet Your Inside Team: How to Turn Internal Conflict into Clarity and Move Forward with Your Life