Today’s show is a powerful one that aligns in a particularly timely way with my life at this moment. Pain is part of life, and it comes in various ways to touch every part of our being. Losing a loved one, as I recently have, brings much pain and despair. We must go through the pain and grief in life’s moments of despair to make it to the other side of the pain. The good news is that we CAN find purpose through those painful moments, and today’s guest has insights to share. She shares transparently about the depths of her pain and her story of survival and finding purpose. Join us to learn more!

Jenny Ngo is an intuitive business coach and master healer. Together with her husband, Dan, they help coaches and healers create quantum leaps to six figures in their businesses by doing what they love, finding more freedom, and creating impact in the world. They specialize in helping their clients fill their one-on-one and group programs through organic marketing strategies and mindset and energy-healing support so they can attract more coaching clients. Before coaching, Jenny worked in the medical field as an RN and Certified Nurse-Midwife. Jenny and Dan love spending time together with their two kiddos, traveling to the beach and other fun places. 

Show Highlights:

  • What Jenny loves about the work she does today–and how she fulfills her purpose
  • Why nothing else will get better in your life until you heal past traumas
  • How Jenny’s journey to coaching and healing merged mindset work, business coaching, trauma healing, and purpose
  • The value in community and connection, especially when we need help and support
  • How Jenny made the journey from self-recrimination to giving herself grace through trust and surrender
  • Jenny’s story of how she hit rock bottom in her business, felt like a failure, and became a suicide survivor
  • Lessons learned by Jenny in her journey “back” to believing in herself, her purpose, and her business
  • Why believing in yourself is the #1 step to success
  • How Jenny feels about her current path in light of the pain she’s experienced
  • How Jenny uses the “AM/FM Stations” acronym in her coaching


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