In today’s solo episode, I’m focusing on how we can avoid becoming stagnant and falling into habits that do not serve us or our clients. We are also discussing how to have grace with ourselves through the process of growth and evolution. Join us to learn more!

Show Highlights:

  • How the STaR Coach Member Community can help in your development as a coach by providing a wealth of opportunities, resources, and connections with other like-minded coaches
  • How your evolution as a coach helps you move into mastery
  • The Four Stages of Competence in our development as coaches: (as created by Noel Burch of Gordon Training International in the 1970s)

Unconscious Incompetence

  • Why different types of conversations, like teaching, mentoring, managing, and consulting are not coaching conversations–though they have value
  • How the ICF defines coaching 
  • Why unconscious incompetence occurs when there is a different skill set needed than what we were previously aware of

Conscious Incompetence

  • How moving to conscious incompetence depends upon the motivation to learn a new skill and believe in the process
  • Why we have to embrace the learning and value in a new skill as important parts of our growth
  • What powerful questions do–and how to best use them
  • What the two biggest obstacles are to growing coaching confidence and skills

Conscious Competence

  • Why it takes practice to move us into conscious competence
  • Why this is the time to build the muscle of moving from “asking” to “telling”
  • How mentoring helps you pay attention to where you want to grow and continue building your coaching muscles

Unconscious Competence

  • How unconscious competence happens with years of experience in using inquiry to help people grow
  • How unconscious competence allows us to view our conversations differently and be fully present with the client
  • How the unconsciously competent coach can step into different needed roles with a client as the coach’s evolution continues in building and growing coaching skills
  • To wrap up, what are you doing to stay committed to your continuous growth as a coach?


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