Today’s show is a treat for you as we meet a member of the new generation of exciting young coaches who is making a huge impact in the world. He shares his journey and concept of coaching, along with information about his exciting non-profit. Our conversation is topped off with an extraordinary performance that you don’t want to miss! Join us!

Tim Harrison, ACC, is a San Diego native, Rice University graduate, and resident of Houston, Texas. After graduating into a world in crisis because of the pandemic and social unrest, he turned down a coveted job in consulting to pursue his life mission, “To inspire and equip people to realize their potential.” This led Tim to create the non-profit EPOG (“Enjoyable Pain of Growth”) Academy with the mission to make personal development part of education. EPOG makes professional leadership coaching accessible so that high school students from all zip codes can access top-tier resources that empower them to take control of their future. Tim is one of the youngest coaches in the US to earn his ACC credential from the International Coaching Federation, and he’s an active Leadership Coach, public speaker, peer-reviewed social scientist, consultant, and performing artist.

Show Highlights:

  • Tim’s dynamic journey to where he is today as a 24-year-old coach: from college basketball player to psychology/personal development enthusiast and 2020 college graduate
  • Why Tim turned down an attractive, six-figure consulting position to pursue his coaching certification, become a leadership coach, and open his non-profit
  • Why a coach should lean on humility, curiosity, and principles
  • How Tim found his purpose at age 22, knowing exactly what he was called and uniquely wired to do with his life
  • An overview of EPOG Academy, which strives to equip high school students in underserved communities with personal development as part of their education
  • How Tim uses the acronym POWER (Purpose, Ownership, Wisdom, Execution, and Resilience) as the backbone of the EPOG curriculum
  • How Tim identified and moved past the barriers that were in his way
  • How Tim handled the non-profit journey to depending on others for funding and relinquishing his control
  • How running a non-profit has added to Tim’s experience as a coach
  • Why the best coaches receive coaching themselves
  • Why it’s important to have a core mission, an anchor, and an essential aim in your purpose
  • How Tim turns to poetry to fulfill his mission to inspire and evoke awareness in others


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