What keeps you from achieving what you really want to achieve? Is it clarity, drive, or motivation? We have to be intentional about the decisions we make that move us in the right direction. Today’s guest shares his process of chunking time in segments to accomplish our goals. It’s a process we can personally use as coaches AND with our clients. Join us to learn more!

Tommy Newberry is The NY Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of The 4:8 Principle and the founder and head coach of AchievingOPTIMAL, an organization that helps Christian entrepreneurs and their families maximize their full potential. He’s written numerous books, including the motivational classic, Success is Not an Accident, and he’s appeared on a variety of TV and radio shows. 

Show Highlights:

  • An overview of Tommy’s unconventional path to coaching and what lights him up about the work he does today
  • How Tommy has seen firsthand the evolution of coaching over his 31+ career
  • Why Tommy focused his coaching niche on faith-based entrepreneurs and their families who want to go from GOOD to GREAT
  • Why Tommy’s work with clients begins with the premise that your business should serve you and your life
  • Steps in the process to get what you want by managing your time:
    • Design the master vision of your optimal life. What do you want your life and business to look like ten years from now?
    • Concentrate on “needle-moving activities” for the next three years, and break those down into ten-week segments and weekly planning sessions.
    • Schedule a weekly session to identify the three most important things to accomplish in the coming week. 
  • Why it’s important to let the client come to clarity on their own about the three most important things to accomplish in each week
  • How to use a “Someday I Just Might Want To . . .” journal
  • Why weekly goals and EMSRs (Early Morning Success Ritual) are valuable–even without a clear master vision: “If you WIN the morning, you WIN the day.”
  • How to bookend your day with an EMSR and an NTSR (Nighttime Success Ritual): “If there is a part of your day that you should be obsessive-compulsive about, it should be the first hour of the day.”


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