Welcome to the final show of 2022. I’m taking a holiday break through the end of the year, and you’ll have a chance to catch up on any shows you might have missed or those that you want to listen to again. So, as you are baking, wrapping presents, or cleaning the house, I hope you’ll let the STaR Coach Show be your companion. Thank you for listening!
Let’s use today’s episode to discuss how we have to let go so we can grow. This process is part of life that comes to mind when we lose loved ones, as I have experienced several times this year. It’s also an important part of identifying what has served us well in the past that might need to be let go for future growth. Let’s take a closer look as we explore the concept of letting go.
  • Why we need to start with attachment–and what it means to let go
  • How we should evaluate the people in our lives–Are they giving us room to grow?
  • How to evaluate the story we are telling ourselves and take inventory
  • Why we as coaches need to let go of the need to prove our value
  • As you close out 2022: What is serving you, and what is holding you back?
  • How I have had to let go in my career–to step into new and exciting things
  • The power in the awareness of what you really want and what is best serving you
  • The value in practicing gratitude
  • Key takeaways to remember about letting go to grow: increase awareness of your vision, take inventory of what’s working/what’s not, journal about where you want to be, meditate and be mindful, give yourself time and grace, embrace the emotion, practice gratitude, create a mantra to combat your old storyline, and surround yourself with encouraging/supportive people
  • “What do you want to let go of so you can grow into who you want to be?”
  • A look back at the biggest highlights of the STaR Coach Show in 2022


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