Are you living a balanced life in these first few days of 2023? Balance is a key component in finding perspective in the dynamic relationship between expectation, achievement, and fulfillment. It’s most often imbalance that causes us to feel stuck, frustrated, and discouraged.

Join me as we discuss the consequences of imbalance, along with strategies you can use to find the balance you need for 2023!

Show Highlights:

  • How I’ve witnessed balance–or imbalance–as the major factor that impacts one’s health
  • Why “living in extreme thinking” creates imbalance; this keeps us stuck and prevents perspective and curiosity
  • How Episode 318 pairs with today’s episode in that letting go of certain things is necessary to achieve balance–especially as we begin a new year
  • How imbalance in our lives creates consequences that are counterproductive to the achievement of our goals
  • Why multitasking is a myth that decreases productivity and increases stress and overwhelm (Dr. Lindsey Bloom calls multitasking “a continuous pattern of partial attention.”)
  • How I notice multitasking leading to an imbalance in my life and work
  • How to identify and evaluate the things that disturb your balance by understanding your motivation and purpose
  • My challenge to you in creating clarity and purpose, experimenting with new steps, and applying your learning to your next steps
  • Why it’s important to allow yourself enough TIME to achieve your goals
  • Steps to take to find clarity, connection, and community in achieving balance


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