The guest on today’s show is Meg’s friend and mentor, Ed Allen. Ed has done many things in his life and Meg has learned so much from him over the years, that she really wanted to have him on the show, to share his experiences with you.  Listen in today to find out more.

Although Ed is an incredibly successful Executive Coach, he didn’t start out with a career in Coaching. He first spent more than thirty years in the US Navy, where he flew jets off an aircraft carrier and eventually retired as a Two Star Admiral, thirty-one years later. His hallmark years in the Navy were as the Captain of an aircraft carrier, it was this experience that taught him the most about leadership.  Upon leaving the US Navy, Ed joined Oracle Corp as an executive.  Listen in now, to find out more about Ed’s eventful life journey and how he considers business coaching to be his 3rd life.

Today, Ed talks to Meg about:

  • His long journey into coaching.
  • How he discovered his passion for coaching while with the Oracle Corporation.
  • The work that he currently does
  • What he does to really bring value to his Executive Coaching clients.
  • The Winslow Assessment that he uses to see if he and a client are a ‘fit’.
  • How he helps manage the process for his clients.
  • How he goes about choosing which assessment to use from his plethora of certifications.
  • The main assessments that he uses, to bring value when working with his clients.
  • What he incorporates in his coaching practice, once he has moved past the assessment phase and he is coaching an executive team in a company.
  • How he fully supports the companies with whom he partners.
  • That he works with companies for many years at a time and really becomes a part of the Executive Team.
  • How his coaching evolves, as he becomes a part of the company and part of the team.
  • How his confidentiality earns trust, within Leadership Teams.
  • What has strengthened his coaching skills over the years.
  • The Professional Business Coaches Alliance (Jon Denney) and how it’s really benefited him in his work.
  • How Jon Denney taught him how to create a system to schedule his sessions with his clients.
  • His advice to anybody wanting to get into coaching.
  • The importance of becoming a really good listener.
  • That Meg has taught him as much as she has learned from him!