What are the benefits to being in an organization that offers coaching to individuals and groups? What are the drawbacks? We are diving deep into these questions and more on today’s show. My guest and I are also discussing some of the questions we are asked most often about our profession, for example, what it means to be a coach, where to begin coach training, etc. Come join us to learn more!

Ilene Schaffer is the CEO of Silicon Valley Change (SVC). As an executive leadership coach, she leverages her graduate work in life transitions counseling to engage with her clients so they can thrive amid ever-changing environments. In today’s conversation, she explains how someone should begin engaging with an organization that offers coaching, whether online or in person, along with what it means to “coach from the bench.” Through her work with senior executives in a variety of industries, she views her role as a connector to help bring positive change to her clients and the coaches on her bench. You will gain valuable knowledge from Ilene today, and be sure to listen to Episode 109, her previous appearance on the show. Ilene is one of my favorite people, and I’m excited to welcome her back today!

Show Highlights:

  • Why Ilene is energized most by the relationships her coaching work brings
  • What has changed for Ilene since her last appearance on the STaR Coach Show
  • How Ilene became involved with Silicon Valley Change and took on the role of CEO
  • How Ilene’s work focuses on connecting people and organizations
  • How different coaching “benches” have different requirements and offer different opportunities
  • Ilene’s advice about where to begin in looking for coaching organizations in the space of your interest
  • The biggest advantages to being part of a bench of coaches
  • Why there is value in building and engaging in community with other coaches
  • How a growth mindset allows you to learn and develop into a better coach
  • Common questions about coaching:
    • Do I need specific training?
    • Which program should I do?
    • Should I join the ICF or not?
  • Parting words from Ilene about coaching in community


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