Even though coaching is a great way to enhance listening and communication skills, the reality is that NOT everything is a coaching conversation. While that may sound odd on a podcast about coaching, the truth is that coaches sometimes feel confined by the coaching process. It is important to respect the coaching process while exploring the need to give enrichment in other ways beyond questions, reflection, and sharing insights. There are different types of conversations that are needed in coaching situations to communicate effectively. Join me for a deeper look at this topic!

Show Highlights

  • Why the most important thing to remember about our conversations is to use the right tool for the job
  • The fact: Coaches and leaders need to balance the “telling” and the “asking.” 
  • The different kinds of conversations coaches can have: teaching, mentoring, consulting, managing, and psychotherapeutic 
  • How we can use different conversations as we determine the best fit for where clients are and what they want to achieve
  • Why EVERY conversation we have could benefit from MORE curiosity and LESS judgment
  • How the impact of coaching is diminished when we don’t use the most effective form of communication with our clients
  • My tips for sharing your knowledge, expertise, and experience as a coach
  • Why the space you give for discovery and awareness is a powerful and transformational gift


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