As coaches, it is SO easy to get caught up in all the things we need to do to build our businesses and neglect our health. Our bodies are the foundation for every success we achieve, and if we neglect our physical health, our bodies will someday demand our attention and focus. Let’s find out more about how our health habits can affect our business’s bottom line. Join us!

Alison Scott is a Certified Health and Lifestyle Coach who specializes in intermittent fasting. After Alison lost about 30 pounds through intermittent fasting several years ago, she became passionate about sharing it with others. She realized that she can help others find the keys to a healthier lifestyle that they can maintain for the rest of their lives. In her coaching business, she helps clients design the life and lifestyle that they want through health, well-being, and making good choices. 

Show Highlights:

  • What we need to know regarding our eating habits by planning ahead and making better food choices
  • How small changes can make a big difference (Start with healthy swaps that crowd out the poor choices!)
  • How intermittent fasting can improve a person’s health and energy level
  • Why heavy, high-fat and high-sugar foods drain your body’s energy level
  • How “appetite correction” occurs with intermittent fasting
  • Why exercise needs to fit into your lifestyle and be something you enjoy doing
  • Why it’s important to get your heart rate going, use weight training, and increase flexibility and balance 
  • How regular exercise helps you as an entrepreneur in various ways
  • How to break the sedentary cycle and build exercise into your day with small tweaks and changes
  • How daily grounding practices (meditation, gratitude, stretching, mindfulness, etc.) can help entrepreneurs and make space for creativity
  • Alison’s programs: New Lifestyle You three-month coaching program, six-month 1:1 Master’s program, and her online course on intermittent fasting that’s coming soon


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