Is your website bringing traffic to you? Are those website visitors being converted into clients? How do you feel about your website? Today’s guest challenges our thinking and gives his perspective on this crucial part of your business, including how we can maximize website opportunities and turn our website into a profit center. Join us to learn more!

Michael “Buzz” Buzinski is a lifelong entrepreneur, digital marketing thought leader, and author who has worked with over 1200 service-centric businesses. Through Buzzworthy Integrated Marketing, Buzz teaches people how to use their websites to effectively double their revenue by following his success formula. His passion for helping entrepreneurs comes from his 15-year struggle in his business, so he is relatable and knowledgeable in helping others avoid the time drain and frustration that are common in entrepreneurship. His book, The Rule of 26 for Service-Based Businesses: Three Steps to Doubling Website Revenue, was published in 2021. In today’s show, Buzz shares how we can reach more people, bring more value, and live the lifestyle that we want in today’s digital age. 

Show Highlights:

  • How Buzz finds value in helping those in service-centric businesses understand their value and individuality 
  • Why the starting point is Strategy
  • The mindset shift to think of your website as an expense item to a profit center (⅔ of ALL business today is going through websites!)
  • How Buzz’s “Rule of 26” strategy can help you use your website as a profit center
  • Why “billing what you are worth” is a pitfall that MUST be addressed
  • Why the next step is to create more value for your clients
  • How to break down the math to increase your conversion rate by 26%
  • Why your website should talk about the most important person: the website visitor (Change your “I” and “me” language to “you” and “your.”)
  • Why most entrepreneurs make the common mistake of addressing too many problems and failing to niche down to a particular problem
  • What your conversion rate optimization formula looks like: You must identify the problem, form a solution, and create a methodology that revolves around THEM
  • How to use your website “About” page to make everything about you actually about THEM
  • How to attract people to your website through SEO
  • How to change your mindset around time and money
  • Why you need to get rid of “PITA” clients and focus on attracting the next echelon up by raising prices and eliminating “tire-kickers” and “plate-lickers”
  • Key takeaways about optimized websites:
    • Evaluate your current clients (How many are your perfect clients?), do research on why they are your best clients, make a profile of them, and figure out the commonality between them.
    • Evaluate your website (Am I talking to my perfect clients with language focused on them?), address the clients’ problems, show them your success rate, and give them a good call-to-action/offer. 


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