My guest today is Peggy Dean, who has built her 35-year career around coaching with NLP, or Neuro Linguistic Programming. She first learned about the technique in the 70’s, and was immediately drawn to the power and effectiveness of this tool. She began training with the NLP founder, Richard Bandler, and soon became a certified master NLP trainer, being both professionally and board certified. Her coaching, training, consulting, and mentoring through Coach Academy International puts her NLP expertise to work for her clients. Join me for more from Peggy!
“The structure of coaching is what NLP is all about.” – Peggy Dean
What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • How she first heard of NLP in the 1970’s
  • Why she was willing to be a chauffeur for the NLP founder just so she could learn!
  • How NLP works with sensory awareness in education and performance modeling in business
  • The four conditions of NLP in reaching desirable outcomes
  • Steps for coaches when working with clients
  • How NLP uses the “principle of requisite variety”
  • How assumptions fit into the NLP principles
  • “The map is not the territory”
  • The difference in NLP coaching and ICF (International Coach Federation)
  • How NLP can help bring dramatic change and awakening
  • Using the logical levels of NLP to identify behaviors, values, skills, beliefs, and motivation
  • How NLP brings internal growth and learning, even to its coaches