Coaching and consulting are two different roles that are often misunderstood, but they can work together beautifully to maximize your business impact and results. Our topic is how coaching can grow your consulting business. Today’s expert guest shares more in this conversation. Join us!

Dr. Steven Goodwin is the president and CEO of TurningWest, a national consulting firm that specializes in organization development and leadership. As a perpetual cheerleader for personal and organizational transformation, Steven has been a pastor, consultant, and coach. His life work is to enable organizations to harness the human potential embodied within each group so that they can create a more just world. He believes we all need to become better communicators through conflict and better at using that energy to make stronger relationships and better decisions. He is the author of Catching the Next Wave: Leadership Strategies for Turn-Around Congregations, along with several workbooks and articles. He is currently hard at work on a new book with the working title of Realigning Culture: Creating Organizational Transformation that Lasts. 

Show Highlights:

  • How coaching has added to Steven’s consulting business
  • A holistic view of the coaching services that can create culture change
  • How learning is built into team growth and development
  • The Four C’s of Hiring: character, competency, chemistry, and capacity
  • What Steven is learning about helping his clients flourish
  • What has been most beneficial in providing the coaching and consulting services that his clients need
  • Examples of positive organizational psychology in action
  • Why the magic happens at the intersection of the outsider and insider perspective
  • How great coaching questions can help clients see their own way forward
  • Steven’s advice about engaging as a leader who encourages their team members to stay and grow
  • Takeaways about having a solo practice vs. a team


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