What are the stories you are telling yourself about how you engage with the sales process? The mindset we take is formed by our beliefs about our identity, integrity, and general view of sales. Would you like to be more magnetic in the sales process for your business and more comfortable in engaging with others? You’ve come to the right place! Join us to learn more from today’s expert guest!

Meena Adnani is a business and self-empowerment coach for female entrepreneurs. She qualified as a solicitor in England and as an attorney in New York; after several years of practicing law, she took on senior leadership positions in multinational companies, overseeing their business development and sales and marketing. In 2016, Meena went from multiple six figures to zero in her bank account due to a huge financial loss. Within two years, she rebuilt herself and surpassed seven figures through her coaching business. Since then, she has been mentoring women to start and scale their online businesses so they can increase to six figures and create financial and time freedom in their lives.

Show Highlights:

  • Why we need to figure out our “identity” around money
  • Why there are big misconceptions around sales in the coaching business
  • How to be more magnetic in your sales strategy through your personal brand, sales calls, and follow-ups
  • The three pillars of success in building your personal brand: mindset, marketing, and money
  • Why it is important to convince yourself that you are the expert
  • How to improve your mindset by putting yourself in the position of the buyer
  • Why taking ownership of our failures plays a part in our future growth and healing
  • How our money mindset forms in our early childhood years
  • How to “live what you say” around scarcity, abundance, and results—and create trust and alignment
  • Why Meena is passionate about helping women build wealth


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