I hear many coaches say that they struggle to have smooth sales conversations and discovery calls. It is common to find yourself tongue-tied when it comes to naming your price and making the sales offer for someone to work with you. Fortunately for us, my guest today knows the sales process and has simple steps to help us be more confident and find sales success! Join us to learn Nikki’s sales secrets!

Nikki Rausch is the CEO of Sales Maven. She has the unique ability to transform the often misunderstood and scary selling process. Her 25+ years of selling to prestigious organizations like The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and NASA have helped her shatter sales records and garner several top producer awards along the way. Nikki works today with entrepreneurs and small business owners as she shows them how to sell successfully and authentically. She has written three books, one of which (The Selling Staircase) aligns perfectly with today’s topic. Listen to Nikki’s “5 Steps” that can prepare you to have the enrollment conversations that will make a difference in your business. 

Show Highlights:

  • What led Nikki to create her signature framework for sales conversations, The Selling Staircase–and why it WORKS
  • How to know when it’s time to dig in and learn new selling skills
  • 5 Steps to Sales Conversations: introduction, creating curiosity, discovery, proposal, and close
  • How to bridge the gap between the proposal and close with “close language” and NOT end up on someone’s to-do list
  • How to build your muscle for creating curiosity (Use your “cat-calling energy.”)
  • Why you must not coach during a discovery call
  • How to handle the “bless and release” when the coach and client are not a good fit
  • How to use the technique of asking permission to move from discovery to proposal without “muddying the waters”
  • How to stand in your credibility in recommending solutions without assuming what the client can afford
  • Why your close language is vital in a sales conversation


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