Showing up as our best and engaging with others with the best tools and techniques are at the heart of the coaching profession. Honing these skills with mastery helps us as leaders, in our relationships, and in the ways we engage. My guest today embodies the best of these skills, and I’m thrilled that she is joining us for this rich conversation. Join us now to strengthen your coaching muscles!

Lisa Dare is a multi-faceted certified and accredited professional coach who is also a management consultant and facilitator. Her expertise is leadership development, change management, organizational effectiveness, and strategic planning. She brings over 20 years of experience in different industries and roles. A former pharmacist with a degree from the University of Alberta, she still resides in Canada. Her coaching certification and advanced leadership training are through the Coaches Training Institute.

Today’s conversation focuses on how to move from transactional coaching to transformative coaching, and we talk about neuroscience, the stairway to coaching mastery, and the different paths that coaches walk. We also touch on topics like visibility, social media, and holding true to your values as a coach. You’ll appreciate the insights from Lisa’s rich experience and perspective and be challenged to go deeper with your clients. 

Show Highlights:

  • How Lisa shows up on social media to get her message out into the world
  • How impact happens through our visibility—whether we see it or not
  • Transactional coaching vs. transformative coaching and the two paths 
  • How neuroscience factors into coaching, behavior, and trauma
  • What you might be holding back and afraid to say to your client
  • Why remembering the basics of values and creating space for emotions are part of the  important work we do with clients
  • How the coach’s growth and transformation happen along the journey
  • What Lisa teaches leaders about using coaching skills in conversations
  • Lisa’s parting advice about problem-solving vs. curiosity in coaching conversations


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