How do you create products and offers that your clients need? We are covering this topic in today’s episode. Let’s talk about how you can lean into your expertise and be in control of your “talent strategy.” 

I’m thrilled to be joined by Susan Collins, a friend, and client of mine. She’s a former talent acquisition leader who has had a front-row seat to watching careers rise and fall, always staying curious about why some people thrive and others, though incredibly talented, never realize their potential. With her extensive experience in the corporate arena, she has guided thousands of people through career decisions. Now, as a Career Growth Coach, Susan is focused on helping leaders create meaningful goals, find their way to successful career paths, and work with no regret. She takes an innovative approach to assist people in developing personal talent strategies so they can take control of their own career journeys. Her framework, the 8 Career Narratives, guides leaders as they navigate the corporate ladder to success. 

She’s here to share insights from her path into coaching and where she is now, bringing incredible value to her clients through her Career Self-Care program. 

Show Highlights:

  • Steps in Susan’s career that brought her into her current role: receiving the gift of a coaching package, a long corporate career, the pandemic/a job furlough, and a career pivot into coaching
  • Why talented leaders don’t always get ahead in their careers—and how Susan identified where they go wrong
  • How Susan’s path pointed toward a role as a career consultant until she discovered coaching
  • How Susan identified 8 Career Narratives that are essential to moving a career forward
  • How Susan built a LinkedIn community of over 19,000 people
  • How career self-care aligns with mental health and wellness
  • Why Susan built her program around finding balance and holding boundaries–and why she KNEW it would work
  • An example of one of Susan’s career narratives: steps to build and manage your personal brand to get to the place of promotion
  • Key advice from Susan: “I had to let go of proud and perfect. I learned to take action every day, be vulnerable, and never stop being curious to learn more.”


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