My guest today is Ron West, a former student of mine in the University of Texas at Dallas’ coaching program. Ron is a successful businessman who made major changes as he trained in executive coaching. He created the kind of business that he wanted, found clarity around his ideal client, and created his “2020 Plan” to help structure and focus his business development. Join me for more of Ron’s story!
“What is interesting to me is that I thought I was a good coach already. I had been coaching and charging money for it for some time. It turns out that I was a good mentor and not a coach.” – Ron West
What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • How he built his coaching business from ground zero to his dream business
  • What attracted Ron to executive coaching
  • Ron’s book about business transformation
  • Ron’s personal transformation: the dance between being consultant, mentor, friend, confidante, and accountability buddy
  • The personal journey of self-awareness that shines the light for others
  • The first steps: start with referrals
  • Questions that Ron asked of other coaches
  • Rely on what you already know
  • How Ron relies on his “2020 Plan”
  • The “experiment” perspective
  • Exciting recent milestones for Ron:
    • Clients reaching out
    • The advisor role
    • Individual workshops
    • A grandchild—coming soon!
  • Maximize your talents! Put coaching together with subject matter expertise to add more value for your clients