Today’s show features an encore edition of one of my most popular episodes.

Occasionally, I like to do a summary show with powerful key pieces of interviews with previous guests. A summary show gives us a different perspective on a particular topic. Other summary shows include Episode 66 on key business-building tips, Episode 86 on how to use a strengths focus in coaching, Episode 100 with crucial nuggets of wisdom from our first 100 shows, and Episode 114, which shared bonus content usually only available to my membership subscribers.

Today’s show is another summary episode about The Essence of Mastery Summit and the incredible opportunity to learn from this group of Masterful Coaches and earn core competency continuing education credits. Since I’ve interviewed 7 of the 14 featured coaches, I’ve put together a few highlights from those 7 interviews as we explore how to show up masterfully in partnership with our clients.

 Show Highlights:

  • With Jane Adshead-Grant, we discuss lessons learned around performance anxiety and how to let it go to be in the best service to our clients.
  • With Fran Fisher, we talk about creating a clear coaching agreement for the session in setting the stage for the client to decide what needs to be addressed or resolved to achieve the outcome.
  • With Cynthia Loy Darst, we focus on the challenge in not inadvertently removing the client from the lead, learning to hold a client’s agenda, and being fully curious about their experience.
  • With Marilyn O-Hearne, we discuss our thoughts about client expectations and the role of direct communication in the partnership, along with how we use comments, observation, and intuition.
  • With Cynthia Loy Darst, we talk about how to let go of our attachment to client outcomes.
  • With Annie Gelfand, our focus is on the reality of conflict in adult relationships and making room for trust and intimacy, which often means difficult conversations and using “repair bids.”
  • With Molly Gordon, we highlight the partnership in the client/coach relationship and how the coach should use language that is meaningful to the client.
  • With Georgina Woudstra, we discuss how the coach may unconsciously take the client out of the lead and get in the way of the growth and learning of the client, team, or group.

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