Who is your target market? As coaches, we bring our specialties, expertise, and passion to the table, and some of us thrive in helping individuals unlock their full potential, while others excel in navigating organizational dynamics. Both avenues have their purpose and rewards, and today, we’ll explore how they differ and the impact they can have on your coaching experience. Your target market determines how best to build your coaching brand. We exist in a world driven by social media and various avenues of communication, so it’s important to understand the nuances of marketing and how to establish your presence and build your brand in ways that are tailored to your chosen coaching direction. 

Let’s explore some of the similarities and differences we should consider in engaging with our target market, whether individual clients or organizations. Join us to learn more in today’s show!

 Show Highlights:

  • Similarities in individual and organizational coaching:
    • The discovery call needs to speak the language of the client and speak to their needs with curiosity about the desired outcomes–Can you help them with their pain points?
    • You must build your brand so that you are seen and heard on your website and social media platforms. Where does your target audience hang out? Get in front of them!
  • Differences in individual and organizational coaching:
    • Individual clients have a personal investment (more “skin in the game”), and you can create specialized programs for their needs.
    • With individuals, you can have program launches throughout the year to invite clients in so your income isn’t a “feast or famine” situation.
    • With organizations, the coach is building relationships with gatekeepers and decision-makers, so you’ll need to create clarity about your offer for an organizational solution.
    • Because the organization IS the client, you’ll have fewer clients in organizational coaching, so you can charge higher fees and establish more long-term work.
    • With organizations, you’ll likely need a toolbox of assessments and certifications and have more paperwork involved with proposals, contracts, and legal documents. 
  • Why you should be wary of putting “all your eggs in one basket” with organizational coaching 
  • Ask yourself these questions in choosing your target market: What lights me up? Which workflow aligns best with me and meets my needs as a business owner?


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