You can’t be a secret and a success at the same time. We want to be an expert in our field so people are drawn to work with us, and that means we have to be in front of them. There are specific steps to take around our messaging, capturing the attention of our audience, and delivering what we want people to hear, whether that’s through live social media appearances, writing a blog, or appearing on TV shows. My guest has proven expert tips to share in today’s show. Join us!Ronny Leber is a renowned keynote speaker, stadium host, and legacy coach from Austria. He has entertained 5 million people worldwide through live sporting events, corporate events, and seminars. Since 2021, Ronny has logged over 1500 hours of live television as a host and anchorman. He has secrets to share about appearing on TV and maximizing every opportunity. Ronny hosts the weekly Ronny Leber Show, where he brings inspiring guests from the world of sports, business, and entertainment to viewers to share stories of success and overcoming obstacles in life. The Ronny Leber Show is available on YouTube and all major podcast providers.

 Show Highlights:

  • Why you must be crystal clear about who your audience is
  • How to build your brand by being newsworthy, interesting, and polarizing
  • How to use your image to add value
  • Why AI tools make it impossible for you not to be awesome in your content
  • How to get the attention of those who find talent for TV shows by networking
  • How to create a buzz around your content with the help of a virtual assistant, blog, and social media platforms
  • How to comment on social media posts with insightful, valuable, and controversial comments
  • How to talk in pictures and stories so you are memorable and impactful
  • A recap of Ronny’s tips: Get yourself out there in the world, carefully craft your message, and practice consistently to hone your skills.


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