Here in the US, we just celebrated Independence Day and the democracy, freedom, and independence that are wrapped up in the July 4th Holiday. In keeping with that theme, I wanted to focus today’s show on the independence and freedom we can find in our businesses. Every entrepreneur dreams of a life of freedom in running their business, but, very often, that’s not the case as the business ends up taking over every aspect of life. 

Coaches become coaches for many different reasons and at many different phases of life; many times, someone becomes a coach after a lengthy, unsatisfying career in another field. So I ask, is YOUR business freedom-producing in your life? Let’s explore the most common pain points for coaches, and I’m including references to several past episodes where you can find more detailed ideas and solutions (See Resources). Join me to learn strategies to lessen your pain points and grow in independence, freedom, and joy in your entrepreneurial journey.

 Show Highlights:

  • 5 common pain points for coaches and strategies to address them:
  • Clients: How do I find clients and fill my calendar?
    • Get clear about who you serve and what results they can expect.
    • Cultivate relationships and share your message.
  • Cash flow: How can I deal with the ebb and flow of finances?
    • Create a consistent, balanced flow to attract the right clients.
    • Carefully evaluate your offerings. 
    • Plan ahead and budget for big annual expenses and quarterly taxes.
  • Isolation: How can I connect with others and not feel isolated?
    • Move toward collaboration, brainstorming, and masterminding.
    • Get a coach and surround yourself with a support system.
  • Overwhelm: How can I fight the desire to do it all myself?
    • Invest in yourself and your business by hiring others.
    • Devote your time to your genius work and money-making activities.
  • Time: How can I protect my time?
    • Set boundaries and structure around your time.
    • Be clear and unapologetic about your calendar and availability.
    • Use time blocks on your calendar. 


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