The reality is that we coach human beings who have emotions, even though many coaches admit their struggles when emotions rise to the surface with our clients. How do we honor the line between coaching and therapy while demonstrating our confidence in working with emotions? That’s our focus for today’s show. Join us!

Cedric Bertelli is a recognized expert in Emotional Resolution (EmRes), a revolutionary approach to emotional healing that has transformed the lives of countless individuals. As the founder and director of the Emotional Health Institute (EHI), Cedric has dedicated his career to helping people overcome stress, anxiety, depression, PTSD, and other negative emotions by using powerful tools and techniques. After a drastic career change, Cedric began his journey into Emotional Resolution in 2009 in his home country of France. Since then, he has honed his expertise and developed a deep understanding of how emotions function in the human psyche. At EHI, Cedric and his team provide training and education to mental health professionals, coaches, and educators, helping them integrate Emotional Resolution into their practices. In addition, Cedric works directly with clients, providing individualized support and guidance to help them overcome emotional challenges and improve their overall well-being. With a passion for empowering people to take control of their emotional health, he has helped transform lives, and his expertise continues to drive innovation and progress in the field of emotional healing. In our conversation, Cedric shares how we can use Emotional Resolution as a tool to help us be more confident and competent when a client experiences emotional upheaval, and he explains what neuroscience has contributed to this field. 

Show Highlights:

  • How we can use a new approach to make emotions less scary
  • How a disruptive emotional pattern always begins with a traumatic event
  • How our prefrontal cortex shuts down at the moment of dissociation from trauma, and our subconscious takes in a flood of information
  • How physical sensations in the body are processed by the brain to make predictions based on previous trauma
  • How Cedric works with someone toward emotional resolution by identifying the underlying tension
  • How fears cause us to stay stuck and keep us “feeling comfortable”
  • How a coach can lead a client to be aware of sensations and face their shame about their fears
  • How emotional resolution can help “update an outdated prediction from the brain”
  • Why we often fail in “slaying our dragons” and take the wrong approach
  • How EmRes tools can be used by every coach and therapist


Connect with Cedric and EmRes: Cedric’s Website, EHI Website, Cedric’s Facebook, EmRes Facebook, and Instagram

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