Those of us who have been in the coaching field for many years have a responsibility to help those coming into our profession, and we want to make the path forward as clear as possible for them. Today’s guest and I are discussing the lessons we have learned in our many years of entrepreneurship with the hope of inspiring and encouraging other coaches. Join us to learn more in today’s packed show!Marsha Clark is an executive coach and independent consultant who founded Marsha Clark and Associates in 2000. She has extensive experience in coaching, delivering workshops, and training around leadership development and more. As the author of Choose, written in 2004, Marsha has recently published Embracing Your Power: A Woman’s Path to Authentic Leadership and Meaningful Relationships. She has graciously prepared a download of her 23 best lessons learned, so please find that valuable resource here.

Show Highlights:

  • Why coaches who transition from other careers have a distinct advantage in perspective and experience
  • Marsha’s best lessons learned:
    • Make the most of templates and tools to stock your toolkit.
    • Price your services based on the value people receive rather than on the effort it takes to produce them.
    • Clearly articulate and manage expectations. Be explicit!
    • Don’t let relationship desires outweigh business needs.  
  • A look at Marsha’s newest book, Embracing Your Power, released in 2022
  • Parting words from Marsha: “Believe in what you do and live in your purpose.”


Connect with Marsha: Website, LinkedIn, Facebook, and podcast

Marsha’s latest book: Embracing Your Power: A Woman’s Path to Authentic Leadership and Meaningful Relationships

Find Marsha’s List of 23 Entrepreneurial Tips here!

Books mentioned in this episode: Cassandra Speaks by Elizabeth Lesser and Trust and Betrayal in the Workplace by Dennis and Michelle Reina

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