Every coach wants to thrive in their journey, but self-doubt can leave us floundering. Today’s show is about focusing your energies on the results and impact you want. You’ll learn how to remove the barriers to your success, earn the income you want, and move the needle for your clients. Join us!

Jeanne Omlor has been coaching for 12 years, helping all types of businesses scale. She is a certified business strategist and Online Business Coach whose work has made a huge impact on many high-level CEOs and business icons. Since moving her coaching online, she’s grown her business to multi-millions by helping coaches, consultants, and service providers scale sustainable businesses. She sees herself as a catalyst to help her clients scale to unimaginable prosperity, improve productivity, and live their lives with integrity. In today’s show, Jeanne shares her insights about mindset, habits, energies, and behaviors that can help scale your coaching business to new levels!

Show Highlights:

  • Fact: Coaches who aren’t thriving can’t help their clients thrive.
  • Why we MUST get out of our emotional habits
  • How to focus your energy on being in the present
  • Why coaches should be servant-leaders who aren’t afraid to be imperfect
  • How to move past mindset challenges
  • Jeanne’s Dos and Don’ts for Coaches:


  • Spend time “fixing” your website.
  • Write an ebook.
  • Build your email list.


  • Write down what you want out of coaching.
  • Identify the one action that will bring in a client.
  • How to focus on high-impact activities: Get clear on who you are coaching, what you are coaching them for, your pricing, and market organically (without ads). 
  • How organic marketing is successful when you focus on ONE social media platform (NOT all of them!)
  • How Jeanne took one social media platform at a time, beginning with Facebook, to make her first million dollars
  • Specific steps Jeanne took to build her Facebook muscles
  • Jeanne’s parting advice to coaches: “Figure out what you actually want, figure out how to get that, and then do it. It really is that simple.”


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Books mentioned by Jeanne: Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself by Dr. Joe Dispenza and The ONE Thing by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan

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