How would you like to be personally coached to dispel your limiting beliefs and achieve the unachievable? Listen in today and find out how you can make it happen!

This week, Meg is delighted to have Dr. Jayne Gardner back on the show to share her incredible coaching success story that you’ll have to hear to believe. Want a hint? It involves 10 million dollars! Dr. Jayne Gardner is on a mission to destroy the mythology of limiting beliefs, and she wants you to know that you have the power to change the very way you think. She shares how her unique approach to coaching never shies away from the past, but also fully embraces the unlimited potential of the future. The key is in how we think. Dr. Gardner has a Divine Intelligence process based off of science with proven results. She is fully prepared to disprove all the skeptics with an exciting offer!

Show Highlights:

  • Gain special insight into the Divine Intelligence Process.
  • Learn how Dr. Gardner teaches her clients to awaken the creator within.
  • Hear the amazing testimony of the “10 Million Dollar Client.”
  • Learn to change your intention and destroy the myth that success will “just happen.”
  • Develop Spiritual Practices.
  • The brain develops a way to protect itself from future trauma. Dr. Gardner shows you how to rewire your brain’s defenses to get to unlimited thinking.
  • Want to be coached on the show? Listen to find out how!
  • Dr. Gardner is giving away 5 books to Star Coach listeners! Email to enter the contest!


Jayne’s Book

Divine Intelligence: A Scientific System for Awakening the “God Within” 


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